xTEF 2024 Event | All TEFs Open for Business

Berlin, Germany
Ready for a glimpse into the future of AI? The xTEF 2024 Event in Berlin on March 4 is where it all begins. Explore the pinnacle of European AI innovation with AI-Matters, Agrifood TEF, Citcom.ai, and TEF-Health. Connect, discover, and be part of the AI transformation. Don't miss this game-changing event!


Mark your calendars for an event that's set to revolutionize the world of Artificial Intelligence - the xTEF 2024 Event, happening on March 4, 2024, in Berlin, Germany.

This isn't just any event; it's the grand opening of Europe's world-class Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) for AI, encompassing AI-Matters, AgrifoodTEF, Citcom.ai, and TEF-Health. Aptly themed "All TEFs Open for Business", this event is a landmark in the AI landscape, showcasing a significant leap in European innovation and technology.

A Gateway to AI Advancements

The xTEF 2024 Event serves as a pivotal bridge, connecting AI innovators with state-of-the-art testing facilities. This is a unique opportunity for businesses across Europe to access cutting-edge resources, enabling them to test and develop AI solutions like never before.

The Launch of the Service Catalogue

An exciting highlight of the event is the unveiling of the service catalogue for xTEF. This catalogue is a treasure trove of information, detailing the dynamic range of services and opportunities available at these facilities. As these test sites are continually evolving, the catalogue offers a snapshot of what's currently on offer across various European countries, giving attendees a clearer view of the possibilities in AI testing and development.

Building a Vibrant AI Network

The xTEF 2024 Event isn't just about facilities and services; it's about creating a thriving network. This gathering is designed to connect companies with relevant local contacts swiftly, fostering a community where ideas and solutions in AI can flourish.

Hosted by TEF-Health

Leading the charge in this AI revolution is TEF-Health, the health wing, a collaboration of 51 partners across 10 countries. Spearheaded and coordinated by our group leader Prof. Petra Ritter, TEF-Health epitomizes the commitment and expertise driving this initiative.

Be Part of the AI Revolution

Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a budding entrepreneur, or an established tech giant, the xTEF 2024 Event is where you need to be. Get ready to explore, connect, and be inspired.

Saty tuned, more info coming soon!

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