Web Seminar – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) as technology and commercialisation partner

15:00 till 16:00 o'clock
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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the largest science and medical research institute in the world. NIH’s more than 100 technology transfer professionals help hundreds of researchers – from basic to translational to clinical – patent their discoveries and license them to companies so they progress towards the marketplace. Long thought of as the go-to place for academics to work with a thought-leader and publish in a top-tier journal, NIH’s technology transfer offices are establishing themselves as open for business – as one of the go-to places for the healthcare industry to work with a thought-leader, overcome a technology or knowledge gap, and get their products to market. Translational and clinical innovators across 27 Institutes and Centers cover nearly every disease and disorder imaginable – and marketable. We develop drugs – as well as devices, diagnostics, wearable and digital health solutions, and software. We have the largest clinical center in the world – where >1000 trials run concurrently – provide clinical validation studies of first-in-human medical solutions. Our industry-friendly business terms include no up-front equity for licensees and a highly competitive overhead rate for collaborative projects.


  • Brief overview + technologies interesting for more mature companies. (30 minute presentation + 15 minute Q&A)
  • Agenda includes:
    • Introduction to the NIH as a technology development and commercialization partner
    • Value-add to larger companies of working with the NIH
    • Case studies of products co-developed with the NIH
    • Public market success stories; i.e., examples of blockbuster products brought to market by partnering with, or licensing from, the NIH

Link to the web seminar:

Meeting number (access code): 738 192 030, Meeting password: vGtYsG7? 

Supervisor, Invention Development and Marketing Unit (IDMU)
Technology Transfer Center  |  National Cancer Institute  |  National Institutes of Health
Michael L. Salgaller, Ph.D.