Symposium "Extending the Health Span: Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Aging (MoCA)"

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Aging is a major risk factor for diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as myocardial infarction, heart failure, or stroke. Cardiovascular diseases have an alarming prevalence and research into their causes is urgently needed. Conversely, aging of the vasculature has a strong impact on whole-organism aging.


Recent evidence strongly suggests that an age-related decrease of vascular endothelial growth factor C (Vegfc) is causative to aging mice. In fact, activating vascular levels of Vegfc extends lifespan. Telomere shortening, genomic instability, epigenetic modifications, mitochondrial dysfunction, or loss of proteostasis also contribute to pathomechanisms. However, how the underlying genetic alterations condition the development of cardiovascular disease has remained largely unexplored.

This meeting at the University of Potsdam close to Berlin will bring together international leading experts, junior scientists and interested translational researchers that are dedicated to a better understanding of molecular and cellular processes during aging of the cardiovascular system.


This two-day symposium will cover molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular aging with an emphasis on:

  • Age-related alterations in signal transduction
  • Pathogenetic mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases
  • Prevention of cardiovascular aging
  • Disease models of cardiovascular aging
  • Genetic traits of cardiovascular diseases and
  • New therapeutic approaches

Event Details

The Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Aging Symposium (MoCA) will be held on Thursday 16. till Friday 17. June 2022 as an in-person meeting.

Venue: Audimax, Neues Palais, University of Potsdam

Due-date for symposium contribution proposals: 09. May 2022

Notifications of acceptance: will be sent by 15. May 2022

Start of Registration: April 2022

Junior scientists are invited to attend the pre-satellite junior session on 15. June 2022. As places will be limited in this session, we recommend to register early.

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