Spark Educational Forum: Translation in Pharma & Biobanking

17:00 bis 19:00 Uhr
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CCO Auditorium | Virchowweg 6 | 10117 Berlin
On the 9th of January the next Educational Forum will take place in Berlin.

Innovation needs many dedicated partners in order to occur. Usally, it can take between one to three years of hard alliance management work to reach a point which partners can start collaborating. Yet, what makes collaboration so seemingly difficult? What makes partners different and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these differences? When it comes to translation and to common goal of identifying and supporting solutions that can help patients, everybody involved in an ecosystem is needed.

In this forum Dr. Arndt Schmitz from Bayer has been invited who will tell the participants, from hi9s perspective, what the factors are, which add value to the ecosystem. Amongst them is the need to agree on the importance of compliance with regulatory requirements and of mutual respect for what every partner in the ecosystem is bringing to the table.

The second talk will be given by Prof. Michael Hummel who is heading the biobank at the Charité. He will highlight the efforts and achievments taken in his department in order to be prepared for nationally and internationally accepted regulatory requirements, and to offer an interface to other players in the translational ecosystem.