Refresh #8 in Berlin - Curing Humans With CRISPR

18:30 till 22:30 o'clock
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Grimmstraße 13

10967 Berlin

Berlin! The city where you can find startups, doener, techno, and your favourite Labiotech crew. You can also find an awesome biotech scene.
So, you're invited to join us and the rest of the Berlin biotech gang for a relaxed biotech meetup on our home turf on the 19th June 2018. Get ready to meet some great people, listen to some awesome speakers, and enjoy some free beer. You will be able to find us at Blueyard looking super cool in our Labiotech t-shirts.

Thanks to Blueyard and Berlin Partner for being such cool partners and both NIBC and for supporting us.

Who will be speaking?

1. Achim Plum - CBO of Curetis

With the recent FDA approval to market their molecular diagnostic test for lung infections in the US, Curetis is making their mark on the biotech scene. Achim will tell us more how the growing antimicrobial resistance could be fixed, how diagnostic is part of the solution and how the new spin-out, Ares, is advancing the understanding of the genetics of antimicrobial resistance. Exciting fireside chat ahead!

2. Peter Nell - VP, Head Strategy & Business Development at Casebia Therapeutics

Coming all the way from the US of A (we like to think he's coming just for us), we are excited to get the chance to chat with Peter! Peter has spent the last couple of years setting up and growing a gene-editing biotech startup, Casebia Therapeutics. Thanks for coming all this way Peter!

The program:

6:30pm – 7pm: Warm welcoming

7pm – 7:30pm: 1st Fireside Chat - Achim Plum

7:30pm – 8pm: 2nd Fireside Chat - Peter Nell

8pm-10pm: Enjoy beers, snacks, networking, and celebrate Labiotech's recent successes with the whole team!


About Refresh:

Here is what you can expect for our Meetups throughout Europe:

  • 2 fireside chats with awesome speakers (one local, one not)
  • 120 maximum sign-up
  • Free entry
  • A new city in Europe every six weeks
  • Free beers and snacks
  • The unique Refresh vibe (