How Breath Biomarkers Reveal Disease: A Deeptech Founder’s Journey

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The idalab Seminar is a bi-monthly event focused on Data & ML/AI in Life Science & Health, hosted at our office.


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With every breath we take, we exhale over 1000 unique molecules. That means there’s data in the very air that we breathe. Having taught machines to ‘hear’ and to ‘see’, a sense of smell is AI’s next frontier, and it’s a vital one. The molecular fingerprint of a single breath can reveal early signs of diseases such as breast cancer and Parkinson’s, quickly, non-invasively and cost effectively. Yet accurately detecting breath molecules comes with a lot of technological challenges; and the race is on to find out which team gets there first.

In his talk, Sven explains how his deeptech startup developed breakthrough laser spectrometer technology for diagnostics; outlines which tactics he used to attract funding for a medtech and why hardware is 10x more difficult than software, and describes how a pivot towards explainable machine learning ultimately helped him to succeed.

Speaker bio

Dr. Sven Jungmann, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Halitus.

Previously, he held various leadership positions in healthcare, including partner and Chief Medical Officer at FoundersLane and Chief Medical Officer at the first corporate venture of Helios.

Sven is an active angel investor and serves on the boards of several healthcare startups, such as Wellster. He recently published his second book, titled "Wie gesund wollen wir sein" (Mosaik).