Health Across Lifespan (HAL)

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International conference on healthiness and fitness across the lifespan

Certainly, a mix of theory and practice is welcome in addressing the conference topics; specifically movements used in all sports and dance. For convenience, presentation of practical workshops will be scheduled to take place in a multi-space gymnasium that is located next to the conference building.

It will focus on the most recent approaches and findings in the following nine topics:

  • Young physical activity, fitness and physical education
  • Active education
  • Social aspects of health and physical activity
  • Mental health and psychological well-being over the life span
  • Physical exercise and the brain
  • Healthy ageing
  • Neurological function and ageing
  • Neurodegenerative disease prevention
  • Health technology

The conference includes keynotes, working groups with introductory presentation, invited symposia, poster sessions, practical exercises, and demonstrations.