European Congress for digital pathology 2022

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We are pleased to announce the 18th European Congress on Digital Pathology (ECDP), to be held as an in person event 15-18th June 2022 in Berlin. Our goal is to have, again, the usual friendly and exciting interdisciplinary environment, with pathologists, computer scientists, biologists, technicians, students, and last but not least, clinicians, as well as industry partners, discussing the latest topics on digital and computational pathology. This year’s focus will be on the integration of histology, molecular pathology and clinical data through machine learning/artificial intelligence.

While the diagnosis of pathological alterations in tissues will continue in the future to be based on histomorphology, novel imaging techniques such as multiplex immunofluorescence or imaging mass spectrometry will gain influence in complementing conventional approaches. Moreover, novel molecular methods, such as, spatial transcriptomics or single-cell proteomics, offer new opportunities to combine histology with spatially-resolved deep molecular profiling. ESDIP’s mission is closely aligned with these developments, where computational pathology is key to analyzing and interpreting the resulting complex data.

ESDIP is gaining new energy and is evolving fast to the benefit of its members, offering novel scientific, diagnostic and educational opportunities, increasing communication and ideas for innovative paths.

We hope that you will enjoy ECDP2022.

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