Chiba AI-IoT-Healthcare Invitation Program 2020 ~Meet the Kashiwanoha - a New Innovative Hub near Tokyo~

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Japan is now facing the super-aging society ahead of the world, which as a reflection, has brought forth the well-established infrastructure such as local community and medical systems for extended healthy living. “Kashiwanoha” in Chiba Prefecture, only 25km(15 miles) away from central Tokyo, has a large concentration of the nation’s most advanced academic and research institutions, making it the ideal venue for businesses in healthcare, life science, AI and IoT sector to conduct joint research, data collection and demonstration experiments through industry-academia-government collaboration.  

In “Kashiwanoha”, it has been performed cutting-edge research projects in academic and research institutions; National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCHE) has produced numerous global achievements as a central hub for the development of cancer-related pharmaceutical products and medical devices in Japan. The mission of Advanced Industrial Science Institute (AIST) Kashiwa-Center is to develop human augmentation technologies for maintenance and enhancement of human functions (physical, emotional and communicational functions), improvement quality of life, reduction of social costs and development of industries (knowledge intensive business services relevant to daily living) with AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI). There are two National Universities; University of Tokyo and Chiba University doing numerous cutting-edge research projects for Healthcare, AI, IoT, CASE and so on.  

Kashiwanoha is also home to world- class incubation facilities such as Kashiwanoha Open Innovation Lab (KOIL) and Tokatsu Techno Plaza. These advanced efforts make it possible for companies even in the start-up phase to conduct research & development of devices/services for elderly care and medical treatment, utilizing state-of-the art technologies such as AI and IoT.

This is a great opportunity for you to witness one of the most advanced R&D clusters in Japan. Furthermore, you can participate in the forum to make a presentation, one-on-one meetings and networking with academic and research institutions and companies to find out what is new in the industry.

Invitation Program Outline

1. Tentative Schedule

January 29th(Wed):
Arrive in Chiba, Japan

January 30th(Thu):
AM: Briefing and visit to research institute/university (Advanced Industrial Science Institute (AIST) Kashiwa-Center [tentative])
PM: Participate in ” Chiba AI-IoT-Healthcare Global Business Forum” (Symposium, pitches & one-on-one meetings and network

January 31st(Fri):
Visit to academic and research institutes (University of Tokyo, National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCHE) [tentative])

February 1st(Sat):
Depart from Chiba

2. Highlights

  • Guided tour of the state-of-the-art academic and research institutions
  • Participating in ” Chiba AI-IoT-Healthcare Global Business Forum”
  1. Symposium by speakers from domestic and overseas for AI, IoT and Healthcare.
  2. Pitch opportunity (10 minuites per company)
  3. One-on-one meetings with academic and research institutions and companies in Japan.

3. Who can apply

  • Directors or managers of an incorporated entity that is engaged in the Healthcare, AI or IoT industry.
  • After the application deadline (November 1st, 2019), we will determine the invitees and notify the applicants of the results

4. Benefits of participation

In this program you can:

  • Learn the latest market trends and R&D for Healthcare AI and IoT in Chiba and Japan.
  • Have business matching opportunities with your potential partners.
  • Explore the opportunities of research, development and setting-up incorporated entities in Chiba.

5. Expenses to be covered

  • Round-trip air tickets (discount economy, payment in kind) with airport tax
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Accommodation (Actual cost of hotel accommodation)
  • Transportation in Japan
  • Interpreter

6. Expenses not to be covered

  • Per diem expenses (i.e., meals, hotel laundry service, and transportation not related to the program)