3rd European INNOLABS Digital Healthcare Hackathon

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Friedrichstraße 68

10117 Berlin

We are inviting SMEs, healthcare professionals, scientists, patients, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, developers and others to team up for two days and propel innovation in healthcare. Our goal is to gather 125 experts to work on different healthcare challenges and compete in a hackathon for prizes. Best projects will be awarded with 36,000 EUR prizes.

With its open format of Hacking and Breakout Sessions the Hackathon in Berlin offers you the opportunity to hack, network and get mentored. Apply now: http://innolabs.io/hackathonBerlin.html 

You will have the unique possibility to take part at chosen items of the programme of the 11th Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit.


  1. Rehabilitation of RMDs
    A large and increasing number of people suffer from Rheumatic or Musculoskeletal Diseases such as Arthrosis or Arthritis. Long-term co-operation and motivation of the patient are key factors to the outcome of rehabilitation processes.
    Which smart solutions will enable patients to partner and co-moderate their rehabilitation journey in hospital and at home?
  2. Frailty@home
    Intelligent models combining analog and digital care, surroundings and single devices helping to compensate loss of mental or body functions. 
    Which are the best solutions helping people with e.g. dementia and their caring environment to live in a maximum of individual freedom, comfort and safety?
  3. Individual medicine is more than treatment – new business and accounting models for patient, physician and hospital
    The right/best medical devices in treatment are very often too complex to bring them easily to the patients or physicians. 
    Which digital pathways can be used to ease this process?
  4. Improving experiences in perioperative medicine for patients and healthcare professionals
    An injury due to an accident throws people off their usual track. Especially if a surgical treatment or several diagnostic procedures are required. The actual operation in the middle of the treatment chain often leads to severe stress and many patients feel left alone in that situation and even after the operation. 
    How can we empower patients before and after surgery through digital innovations, and thus also improve the perioperative experience for patients and healthcare professionals?

The 3rd European INNOLABS Digital Healthcare Hackathon is organized by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, in cooperation with the INNOLABS consortium and powered by Hacking Health. The project INNOLABS is funded by the European Commission and supports new value chains in healthcare by accelerating development and marked adaption of new disruptive products and services.

Key Facts

  • Two Days Hackathon, Monday to Tuesday 7.-8. May 2018 at Mindspace in Berlin Mitte
  • 125 participants with diverse backgrounds
  • 4 challenges with focus on bringing innovative digital technology into our healthcare system, as well as helping healthcare professionals and patients
  • The winning teams will be offered cash prizes

Advantages for a SME

  • Potentially turn an idea into reality - the idea must entail a new concept or a new method.
  • Chance to win a prize
  • Get to know accelerators
  • Possibility of applying to the INNOLABS Second Open Call

Advantages as an individual

  • Network with like-minded people
  • Learn how to create concept prototypes and develop business ideas in only two days
  • Engage with potential partners and customers and pitch to experts
  • Chance to win a prize
  • Get to know accelerators
  • Be a pioneer and have fun