Ansiedlung und Expansion in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg

Der Cluster HealthCapital ist einer der führenden Standorte für die Gesundheitswirtschaft in Europa. In den letzten Jahren haben sich viele internationale Unternehmen entschieden, einen neuen Standort in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg zu eröffnen. Viele der hier ansässige Unternehmen sind gewachsen und haben ihren angestammten Firmensitz erweitert und ausgebaut.

HealthCapital unterstützt durch seine Teams bei Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie und der Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg (WFBB) mit kostenfreien Services für auswärtige Unternehmen, die einen neuen Standort suchen und Bestandsunternehmen, die in der Region weiterwachsen wollen.

Sei es die Suche nach einem geeigneten Standort, Informationen zu Förderung und Finanzierung und/oder die Suche nach Personal und Talenten überall dort unterstützen wir nationale und internationalen Unternehmen der Gesundheitswirtschaft und Life Sciences.



#1 TIP

Berlin-Brandenburg has been the location for healthcare companies in Germany for years. We at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology support companies that are interested in locating in Berlin with numerous . Berlin offers a diverse and strong local ecosystem. You can find more about this in our Life Science Report. In the Directory and in the Business atlas you can quickly find the important players, such as companies, universities or institutes.

My special tip applies to the topic “Computational Biology”. This topic is becoming increasingly important for the healthcare industry. The spectrum of applications ranges from automated image evaluation to the identification of target molecules in drug research. You will not only find competent cooperation partners in this field in the capital region, but also well-trained graduates and experienced workers. A brief description as well as an overview of the relevant players in this field can be found here. Are you considering coming to Berlin and need support with relocating and setting up a business? – Talk to me! I look forward to receiving your message.


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Are you looking for qualified professionals in Berlin?

You can publish your job offers on our website. Right after registering you as an employer on our Berlin focused job platform you can start. Let us know once you have published a job add there – we then can promote your jobs on our social media channels on Facebook , LinkedIn and Instagram. Our job portal informs about any Berlin-based job and we promote this platform on national or international job fairs to any Berlin-interested professionals and talents.

Furthermore with the Business Immigration Service, we provide support in the application process for work and residence permits for foreign specialists, which you can adjust for your own needs. Talk to us as early in the process as possible, so that we can help organize the best possible support for the institutions involved.
If you need more suppport with any aspects of talents and recruitment - talk to us! We look forward to receiving your message.