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LabTwin & PerkinElmer Informatics Partner for Real-Time Data Capture


We are excited to announce our partnership with PerkinElmer Informatics, which begins with integrating our voice-powered digital lab assistant with their Signals™ Notebook, a leading cloud native Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) used in the pharmaceutical industry. Researchers can now use voice to capture data in real time while performing experiments and have this data automatically uploaded into their ELN. This hands-free data collection increases both efficiency and compliance by reducing interruptions and avoiding double documentation.

"PerkinElmer Informatics solutions are used by more than one million scientists across the globe, including many of the top pharmaceutical companies. We are thrilled to integrate our cutting-edge Signals Notebook ELN with LabTwin's digital lab assistant to enable voice entries," said David Gosalvez, Head of Product Strategy and Business Development of PerkinElmer Informatics


ELNs as Digital Knowledge Bases and IP Protectors

The shift from paper documentation to electronic records of experiments has helped organizations store research knowledge in a searchable repository. Such databases are critical tools for collaboration, reproducibility, and intellectual property protection. By supporting scientists in keeping a precise audit trail and complete record of their research, they can guard against patent claims.
Signals™ Notebook is a cloud native ELN that provides researchers with tools to design and plan experiments, store and share collected data with their team. It is widely used by top pharmaceutical companies and life sciences industries. However, entering data into an ELN requires access to a computer and its keyboard, as well as time to log in the information. This can be challenging for scientists performing experiments in the lab, with their hands occupied and focus on the process. The documentation is often delayed until the end of the manipulation, which is not optimal for efficiency and compliance. Download this white paper on  How ELNs can benefit from a voice assistant?

LabTwin Enables Real-Time Data Capture at the Bench

Acting as a mobile companion in the lab, LabTwin's digital lab assistant can guide the scientist through the steps of an experiment and capture observations, results, or pictures in real-time and in their context. LabTwin then automatically structures the data, adds metadata, and creates a comprehensible report with a full audit trail.

From Real-Time Data to ELN

With the integration of LabTwin with PerkinElmer Informatics’ Signals Notebook, the report created by LabTwin can be exported via LabTwin's Open API into Signals Notebook experiment folders. Scientists can directly find their notes organized and uploaded into the appropriate section of their ELN at the end of the experiment, saving them time in data processing and ensuring a high degree of data integrity.One of our common clients has already leveraged the LabTwin-Signals™ integration, and it has increased the amount of data in the ELN and facilitated its adoption by reducing the barriers to data entry.

The Lab of the Future is Connected

Digitalization has brought many new informatics tools for capturing, sharing, processing, and displaying data. To prevent data silos and build an end-to-end data pipeline, it is essential to connect different platforms and partner together.
"Enabling seamless data flows between scientists and their digital environment is LabTwin's top priority," said Magdalena Paluch, CEO of LabTwin. "Integrating with PerkinElmer Informatics’ Signals Notebook is a key step towards realizing the connected lab of the future."

About PerkinElmer Informatics
PerkinElmer Informatics offers one of the most comprehensive platforms of scientific software in the world. Their powerful informatics solutions are used across a spectrum of industries including Pharma and Biotech, Specialty & Agro-Chemicals, Energy & Petrochemicals, Flavors & Fragrances, Food & Beverage and Electronics. Their future-proof technology enables investigators in Life Sciences to capture and analyze their data from initial research and development of their therapeutics, through biomarker discovery & patient stratifications and ultimately live tracking of their clinical trials.

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About LabTwin
LabTwin is creating the next generation of digital lab tools for smart labs, starting with the world's first voice-activated lab assistant. With LabTwin, scientists can collect data, access information, manage experiments and streamline documentation simply by talking. Using voice recognition and machine learning technology, LabTwin’s smart assistant simplifies data capture, structures valuable information, and provides suggestions to scientists in real-time so they can make more informed data-driven decisions. With a mission to empower scientists, LabTwin is backed by BCG Digital Ventures and Sartorius. Its voice-powered assistant is used in chemical companies and in 7 of the Top20 Pharma companies around the world.

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