#G4A presents: The mystery of blockchain.. demystified

18:30 bis 23:00 Uhr
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Bayer Pharma AG

Müllerstraße 178

13353 Berlin



■ Topic ■
#G4A presents the mystery of blockchain.. demystified
Blockchain has been in all the conversations at the conferences those past months. Healthcare is certainly a sector where blockchain technology can make an impact.
Let's demystified blockchain and discuss how it is helping patients to manage their own data.

■ Agenda ■
6.30 Drinks and networking
7.00 Event starts
Liliana Pertenava, author and executive producer, will release a film in the coming months about Blockchain. She spent the past year interviewing entrepreneurs and companies working in the field and will share with us the best learnings and take away from those encounters.
Felix Kaechele, from Bayer #G4A will present an internal project using Blockchain technology to ensure safe and easy purchasing of Behind the Counter products.
Those presentations will be followed by a panel discussion.
8.00 Drinks and networking

■ Dress code ■
Come as you are!

The event is open to everyone and will be in English. Please register and don't forget to bring an identification card (Passport, Personalausweis, Driver's license) with you.