BioJapan 2023

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"Asia's largest partnering event consisting of Exhibition, Seminar, and Partnering program"

This event is consituted by three exhibitions - 1. The world's oldest biotechnology exhibition "BioJapan" (1986-), 2. "Regenerative Medicine JAPAN" (2016-), aiming to accelerate and industrialize R&D in the field of regenerative medicine including iPS cells, and 3."health TECH JAPAN"(2020-), provides fusion of digital technology and life science.
We are focusing on providing new value by business partnering of industry, academia, and government which is not limited to Japan, but also from overseas.
With the addition of Digital & In-Person partnering program started from 2020, global innovation through this partnering event never stop at all.

Report of the last event

Three Main Programs

I am not addicted to the so-called "exhibition" framework.
Here's why we call it a "Asia's Premier Partnering Event"!


A place for free communication at the booth inside the venue


Inviting top researchers and companies that are attracting attention in the industry to provide one-stop information on cutting-edge technology, the latest information, and industry trends. Approximately 200 seminars by the organizer and presentations by the exhibitors will be held.


The system automatically sets 1 on 1 meetings including the date, time and place, and efficient and pinpoint business negotiations can be set. In addition to buying and selling goods, we will realize a wide range of business negotiations, from searching for partners, strengthening collaboration, and out-licensing assets.

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