Joint cluster management for a strong healthcare region

At the interface of business, science and clinics, the HealthCapital cluster management drives networking and the technology transfer in the German capital region. The task of the cluster management is to implement the “Master Plan for the Berlin-Brandenburg Healthcare Region” of the state governments of Berlin and Brandenburg and to further expand the region internationally to become the leading center for healthcare industries and life sciences.

A honorary cluster spokesman and groups of experts advise on strategic decisions and assume representational duties. The Berlin Partner for Business in Technology and the Brandenburg Economic Development Board have joint responsibility for managing the cluster.

The activities of the cluster management are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The aim is to promote innovation and cooperation between companies and research institutions with the result of increasing competitiveness for smart, sustainable and integrative growth.



Cluster activities focus on two sectors of activity: life sciences and technologies and innovative care.

The two sectors’ tasks are to advance the master plan’s focal areas and strategic goals in structurally operative work, boost the stakeholders’ impulse to innovate, and promote exchange and networking within and among industries and clusters. For this reason, networking activities and industry events take place within the sectors. The sectors are responsible for the continuous communication of Cluster programmes and dissemination of knowledge from ongoing activities and topic teams.

‘Life sciences and technologies’ sector

Any questions? The cluster management team is at your disposal

Dr. Christine Mißler

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
0172 9916 490

Tobias Neisecke

Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH
+49 331 73061 255
‘Innovative care’ sector

Ulrike Braeter

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
+49 30 46302 468

Claudia Lyhs

Wirtschaftsförderung Land Brandenburg GmbH (WFBB)
+49 331 - 730 61-254

In all these areas, the integrative topics of skilled workers, settlement, & portfolio development, internationalization, e-health, and an aging society play a central role. 

Focal areas

In view of the demographic development and the innovative strength in global competition, the following topics play an important role in all the focal areas.

Innovation and technologies

Outstanding medical and scientific research is conducted in the capital region. In conjunction with companies that are strong in innovation, this results in excellence and is further promoted by the Cluster. The Cluster concentrates on fast-developing topics in order to take the pole position and increase the visibility of these innovations’ added value for the healthcare system. The capital region is pioneering translational medicine, in which research results are quickly and systematically translated into prevention, diagnostics, and treatments.

Our strategic goals

  • Enhance excellence in life sciences, medicine, and the technical disciplines and apply it in innovative technologies and processes
  • Continue strengthening translational and precision medicine
  • Establish sustainable research, development, and production processes


Networking and transfer

Innovation often starts at the point where the interaction of stakeholders from different (sub)sectors results in debate and initiates new collaborations. Cluster management provides effective structures, formats, and interfaces for purposes of information and matchmaking. Close cooperation and functional networks support the transfer of new ideas from research into innovative application.

Our strategic goals

  • Make the Cluster more usable as a networking platform for stakeholders
  • Deepen the dialogue between Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Reinforce networks in the healthcare industry
  • Generate cross-cluster innovations
  • Provide support for crisis management

Digital health

The German capital region is clearly Europe’s top spot in terms of digital health. The Cluster supports stakeholders as they harness the potential of healthcare data and digital solutions for care, science, and the healthcare industry. This includes promoting interoperability and data integration, as well as ensuring the protection and security of patient information. Employee and company competencies related to the use and application of digital healthcare innovations will also receive support.

Our strategic goals

  • Promote and leverage the potential of data science in research and industry
  • Support interoperability and data integration
  • Make data available for quality improvement in the healthcare sector
  • Increasingly apply digital solutions to products and processes
  • Strengthen competency in applying and using healthcare innovations

Capital. Model. Regions.

Integrated care is the focus of future healthcare. Collaboration and digital networking among all specialist disciplines and sectors can be advanced in the spirit of a real-world laboratory in Berlin-Brandenburg. The Cluster leverages the capital region’s potential in order to test sustainable and future-oriented care approaches, cooperation strategies, and logistics solutions. In this way, the capital region will be able to attain a model character on both the national and international levels, thereby providing momentum for other regions.

Our strategic goals

  • Establish and expand cross- and trans-sectoral supply chains
  • Develop innovative approaches for prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and care
  • Develop and test new mobility and logistics solutions
  • Leverage strengths in prevention and care for medical and healthcare tourism
Working environments

The Cluster helps its stakeholders to counteract any shortages of qualified employees and to further increase the region’s appeal. After all, investment and talent are the forces behind the development of appealing life science regions all over the world. The success factors of applicant marketing, recruitment, and employee retainment increasingly include attractive opportunities, flexible working hours, a stimulating and collaborative working environment, sustainability, and gender equality. To ensure the capital region’s future performance, the Cluster focuses on the healthcare industry’s qualified workforce in the Working environments focal area.

Our strategic goals

  • Test new forms of work and design them to support health
  • Inspire people to seek employment in the healthcare industry
  • Support companies in acquiring and retaining skilled employees
  • Encourage dialogue between training institutes, social partners and companies in the healthcare industry