Speed Lecture Award 2020 finals

Web-Seminar - Virtuelle Informationsveranstaltung
17:10 till 18:30 o'clock
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Web-Seminar - Virtuelle Informationsveranstaltung

Due to the Corona pandemic we had to postpone the BIONNALE and the Speed Lecture Award finals in May this year.  

Now, we are pleased to announce the new date for the Speed Lecture Award final. The virtual event on October 6th will start with a keynote of the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education and Research, Steffen Krach. Afterwards, the following finalists will present their exciting projects in life sciences in only 3 minutes in a layman´s language. 


  • Alessio Alogna: A novel inhalable nanotechnology to heal the heart, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Med. Klinik m.S. Kardiologie, CVK 
  • Julia Assmann: Electric signaling in biofilms, Robert Koch Institute 
  • Lisa Budzinski: Investigation of the human intestinal microbiome by flow cytometry, German Rheumatism Research Centre (DRFZ) Berlin, A Leibniz Institute 
  • Sany Chea: Biofunctionalized Polymers, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP
  • Isabell Durieux and Anna-Catharina Krebs: Personalized immune competent human organs-on-a-chip - a potential preclinical predictor for advanced (NK- or Treg-) cell therapy efficacy in patients!? TissUse GmbH, TU Berlin and Charité Berlin 
  • Jakob Paul Morath: The metabolism underlying neutrophil extracellular trap (NETs) formation and why it is defective in a rare genetic disease. Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology 
  • Olaf Wagner: Restraining bacteria in a multivalent straitjacket, Freie Universität Berlin 
  • Xun Xu: Artificial muscle sheets accelerate stem cell bone formation, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Biomaterial Science 


The online audience will be the judge  

The winners will be selected by the audience at the Speed Lecture Award final. Register here for our virtual event and support the candidates with your vote! 



Start of virtual event 

Welcome Adress – Dr. Kai Bindseil, Cluster Manager HealthCapital Berlin Brandenburg, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Keynote - Steffen Krach, Permanent Secretary for Higher Education and Research, Berlin

Pitches of finalists

Award ceremony

End of event


Speed Lecture Award has been initiated and is supported by the healthcare industries cluster Berlin-Brandenburg – HealthCapital and the interest group biotechnology within the German Association of Research–based Pharmaceutical Companies – vfa bio.


Die Anmeldung wird am Montag, 05.10.2020 um 14 Uhr geschlossen, bei einer späteren Anmeldung wenden Sie sich bitte an beate.mitzlaff@noSpamberlin-partner.de

Der Teilnahmelink (Zoom Meeting) wird allen Angemeldeten am Veranstaltungstag bis um 12 Uhr zugesandt.