IP Considerations for Emerging Life Sciences Companies: Perspectives From Europe and the U.S.

18:00 till 19:00 o'clock
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Life sciences companies begin their life cycle with ideas and emerge with synergistic core assets surrounding those ideas: intellectual property for protection and dedicated people for development. IP and HR have evolved into life-sustaining assets. For emerging life sciences companies, patents and trade secrets often comprise the company’s most valuable commodities and an essential means for capitalizing investments in R&D. This webinar will introduce life sciences companies to strategies related to IP considerations for the challenging early curves of the corporate life cycle from the European and U.S. perspectives.

Opportunities to leverage these assets require their owners to consider a lot of variables. How such companies assess those variables and strategically manage their IP – and the internal and external partnerships they form to do so – will ultimately shape the company’s image and often determine a company’s success.