From patient-centric to human-centric in healthcare

18:00 till 21:00 o'clock
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In the healthcare industry we have been talking about a more patient-centric lens when developing new products, researching new treatments or designing clinical trials. We know that it is not only about improving the patient experience for its own sake. Today it has been proven that engaged patients achieve better outcomes.

But, is being patient-centric enough? When it comes to innovation, would a more holistic view of all stakeholders as humans, as individuals, as family members, health care providers etc, allow us to bring humanity back into patient care?

Today, examples from different companies in healthcare indicate that being only “patient-centric” might not be enough to create lasting impact in the healthcare arena. However, solutions involving the entire ecosystem shows promising results.

In this meet up, we aim to explore how human-centered design improves experiences, outcomes and increases the chance for implementing innovation in healthcare.