Explore the Pathway to the French Healthcare Market for DiGA Manufacturers

16:00 till 19:00 o'clock
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Are you a Digital Health Applications (DiGA) Manufacturer looking to expand into the French Market? Do you want to understand the French PECAN fast-track process? Then don`t miss our event! We offer an informative program to help you understand the challenges and opportunities on the journey to the French healthcare market.


Our Focus: Accessing the French Market with the PECAN Process: We will show you the way and the additional requirements you need to meet to introduce your Digital Health Applications (DiGA) in France. Compare the German and French fast-track programs and discoversimilarities and differences.


  • DiGA vs. PECAN fast-track: Learn all about the differences between DiGA and the French PECAN fast-track program and how to adapt your product accordingly.
  • Product Requirements: What specific requirements must your product meet to succeed in France? We'll show you how your product should look to conquer the French Market.
  • Regulatory Framework: Understand the regulatory aspects of the French healthcare system and how to navigate within it.
  • Technical Aspects: Dive into the technical requirements and details you should know to introduce your DiGA in France.
  • Evidence Proof: Learn how to provide evidence of the effectiveness of your DiGA in France.
  • Pricing: Get acquainted with how pricing works in France and how to strategically set your price.


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