The KNAUER ecological garden - a place where fox and hedgehog meet

Scientific instrument manufacturer KNAUER wins the "biodiversity" special prize in corporate garden contest in Berlin.

The contest "Firmengärten Berlin" (corporate gardens in Berlin) was organized for the first time by economic associations, chambers and associations together with the Senator for Urban Development on the occasion of the International Garden Show (IGA) 2017.

The KNAUER company garden was awarded the special prize "Biodiversity". This week the whole workforce enjoyed not only the garden prize, but also the company's 54th anniversary on October 1st.

The KNAUER "eco garden" is a place where people, plants and animals can feel really comfortable. The family business produces and sells high-tech laboratory instruments worldwide. The 130 employees and the CEO Alexandra Knauer are happy to have a beautiful, extensive garden on their own very large property. 

KNAUER is a company which for many years has CSR (corporate social responsibility) anchored in its corporate strategy and therefore puts emphasis on a garden that can be used by employees and guests for recreation, relaxation and inspiration. It is precisely because KNAUER is such a high-tech company that the ecological orientation has been put into focus of its design, which is guided by the eco-farmer Olaf Hempelmann. No use of pesticides or insecticides and only selective intervention - this is the philosophy of the beautiful eco-garden in Zehlendorf.This garden concept not only was recognized positively by the jury, but also clearly shows the position of owner and managing director Alexandra Knauer: "We are extremely happy with this award. Biodiversity and intact nature are dear to my heart. My employees and I enjoy walking through the beautiful large garden", says the environmentally conscious businesswoman. She is convinced that the various benefits of the garden significantly exceed its cost of maintenance and care.

More than 70 representatives of the nominated companies (13 finalists) met at the IGA market hall in Berlin's Marzahn district on September 29th, 2016 for the ceremony.Participants of the event included high-ranking visitors like Senator for Urban Development and the Environment Andreas Geisel, the President of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce Dr. Beatrice Kramm, and the Managing Director of the IGA Berlin 2017 Katharina Lohmann. The organizers of the competition were proud of the 40 applications for the award and the diversity and high quality of the gardens presented.