San Francisco meets Boston meets Berlin

20:00 till 03:30 o'clock
Kalendereintrag speichern


Interested in Digital Health, Metaverse and NFTs applications for Healthcare, New Digital Business Models, and networking with NEW people with great ideas? Here we go again. Join us with online speakers from San FranciscoBoston and oc (LIVE?) IN BERLIN. Five minutes pitches, it will be streamed in (tbd Zoom, Twitch, or another platform), networking live and Discord.

Discord invite (Link expires eventually and will be replaced by a new invite):

If we manage to do it live, there will be a Drop. Stay tuned.

Speakers (5 minutes each, no Q&A, list will be updated):
Inga Bergen
Jens Lipinski (Bayer)
Laura Wamprecht (Flying Health)
Nana Bit-Avragim
Lutz Groh (VFDG)
Regina Vetters (EY)
Sebastian RodriguezVanessa Lemarie (Ada Health)

Felix Kalvelage (Bayer)
Heike Hanspach (Berlin Partner)
Jesus del Valle (Bayer)
Jutta Klauer (MSD)
Kristina Benz (Bayer)
Mattia Marco Caruson (Mama Health)
Mikel Mangold (Venture Labs NGK)
Silvia Bez (Bayer)


From the last meetup, we want to thank all the Speakers, the people that presented themselves at the end, and the 25 or so that came ad-hoc to BrewDog Mitte. That was a highlight!