European Biosensor Symposium 2021 - Die Vielfalt der fachlichen Kompetenzen ist in sechs Forschungsfeldern zusammengefasst

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Dear friends and colleagues from the area of biosensor research!

We would like to welcome you to the European Biosensors Symposium 2021 Online! This is a conference in the tradition of ten German Biosensor Symposia (DBS) since 1999 and of two European Biosensor Symposia since 2017. We had 2017 in Potsdam the 1st EBS and 2019 in Florence the 2nd EBS. As you may know, we have planed the 3rd EBS 2021 in Aachen, but because of the Covid 19 pandemic this event had to be postponed to 2022.

In order to fill the gap, the scientific committee has decided to go for an online event in 2021. Thus, actual researchers will get the chance to present and interact with their colleagues. This might be not the same as in reality, but it is a good way to keep the international exchange and to allow young scientists to present.

A peculiarity of the EBS conference series is the strong focus on young scientists. This is also valid for the Online conference. Thus, I would like to encourage students after the master, phd students or young post-docs to submit an abstract.  We also would like to stimulate the participation by prizes for good oral presentations and poster prizes.

The conference will cover a broad range of topics which includes all components of biosensors (recognition elements, immobilisation strategies, transducers, microfluidics, data analysis) and biosensor application, but also related fields such as bio-nanotechnology, bioenergetics, photobioelectrochemistry and model development.

Thus, we hope to provide a broad view and give stimulus to the own research and future development. Welcome to the virtual meeting in the capital region of Germany!


Fred Lisdat

Chair of EBS 2021 Online