BioProScale Symposium 2021: Scale-up and scale-down for accelerated bioprocess development and optimisation

10:00 bis 16:30
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The BioProScale Symposium 2021 is targeted at experts from industry and academia involved in bioprocess development, scale up and scale down for the production of pharmaceuticals, bulk and fine chemicals, food and feed; providers of sensors for process monitoring, software tools, lab automation and (single-use) bioreactor systems; people who deal with questions about feedstock flexibility, circular bioeconomy, sustainability of bioproduction.

Consistent development of new bioprocesses needs to be performed at the perspective of the final process scale. Therefore an efficient bioprocess development should consider large scale effects and integrate them from early stages onwards together with PAT and QbD. This is one important aim of the network Bio-PAT.

In 2018, 260 participants from different countries, over 70 presentations, 50 Posters und 18 exhibitors wer registered. We are looking forward to achieve these numbers again with the new virtual format. Bio-PAT itself and the following members will be present on the BioProScale Symposium 2021 with their own booth: BlueSens gas sensor GmbH, Celltainer Biosolutions GmbH and Enpresso GmbH.

About the symposium
Call for Papers (Oral Presentations: 31.01.2021, Poster 15.03.2021)
Exhibition / Sponsoring

Particular topics:

  • Industrial-Scale Bioprocessing
    (Scale-down and scale-up approaches, industrial-scale operation, population heterogeneity, process monitoring and advanced control, modelling of industrial-scale processes, mixing and reactor characterization, process robustness and repeatability, integrated upstream and downstream operations)
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)
    (Multiparameter analysis, non-invasive sensors, single-cell based monitoring, soft sensors, fault identification and diagnosis, multiposition measurements, data handling and exploration, monitoring and control of co- and mixed cultures)
  • High-Throughput Bioprocessing and Automation
    (Lab automation and robotics, automated screenings in bioprocess development, DoE, model based experimental designs, algorithm based operations and operational space characterisation, evolutionary strategies for strains and processes, communication trends for dynamic device operation and data flow, high-throughput strain engineering)
  • Bioprocesses for a Circular Economy
    (Waste streams to value-added products, pretreatment, feedstock flexibility, scale-up / scale-down of biorefinery concepts, closed carbon cycles, smart bioproduction grids, decentralised production)
  • Microsystems for Biotechnology
    (Miniaturisation through microelectronics, physical sensors, biosensors, intelligent microwell plates, co-integration of microfluidics)