Skilled professionals

With around 395,000 employees, the healthcare industries are one of the most important employers in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The entire range of healthcare industries is represented here – from numerous patient care, rehabilitation and nursing facilities, renowned research institutes and flourishing pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology companies to providers of health-related products and services in the areas of nutrition, sports and wellness

Ensure skilled professionals for the long-term 

This comprehensive spectrum offers enormous growth and employment potential. The most important prerequisite for developing them is to secure the associated need for skilled professionals – both in terms of the number and the qualification profiles required. 

Academic and non-academic institutions in Berlin-Brandenburg offer programs in more than 170 study courses and numerous training occupations in the health sector. Nevertheless, as a result of demographic change and many years of emigration to Berlin and Brandenburg, fewer young people will push their way onto the education and job market in the coming years. Measures to ensure the long-term supply of skilled professionals are therefore a high priority within the activities of the cluster management.