Funding and financing


Cooperation between science and industry is a key success factor for innovative product development and economic growth. In particular for the Berlin-Brandenburg region, which is characterized by a large number of scientific institutions and predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises, networking is one of the key factors for regional development. We support the technology transfer with a variety of measures.

  • Initiation and coordination of jointly R&D projects
  • Initiation of research networks
  • Interdisciplinary networking in scientific key topics
  • Mediation of contacts between business and science
  • Support in the development of funding opportunities for innovation projects as a contact point for funding programs from the region, the federal government, and the EU
  • Assistance in the utilization of research results
  • Assessment of the application idea by experts
  • Identification of suitable financial instruments  
  • Identification and continued development of scientific ideas with a high degree of market potential


Funding product development, new fields of business, and investment often present a challenge for many smaller or startup companies. We’ll show you various financing options and help identify potential investors:

  • Support in the creation of a business plan
  • Strategy consulting
  • Identification of suitable financial instruments  
  • Access to investors
  • Integration into the regional network