Transnational Call - CHEMOPROTEOMICS

Chemoproteomics Call

Under this call EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE offers funding to enable transnational access to chemical proteomics and compound disposition study facilities. A total of 6 projects will be selected in two separate calls (scheduled May 2019 and November 2020). Users from institutions within European Member States and Associated countries and up to one user from a Non-EU country will have the possibility to apply to access 7 advanced proteomics facilities across Europe.

Chemoproteomics Call 1

The EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Chemoproteomics Call 1 aims at increasing the understanding of mechanisms of action by which a tool compound or drug discovery lead compound exerts its pharmacological effect. The users are offered access to target-based and phenotype-based workflows, proteomics and related advanced mass spectrometry (MS) based technologies, including MS imaging. EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE chemistry partner sites together with partners with proven track-records in probe development, target deconvolution and MS imaging will support 3 successful applicants providing collaboration on target identification and compound disposition studies. Under this call, users will have the opportunity to access a broad range of experimental approaches through different chemical proteomic workflows for samples of bacterial and mammalian origin or in whole organisms (e.g. multicellular parasites).

EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE chemoproteomics pipeline offers:

  • Standard proteomics methods including the quantitative analysis of proteins and their post-translational modifications by using label-free and label-based quantification strategies.
  • Affinity-based target identification including synthesis of chemical probes, affinity purification and proteomics analysis.
  • Other advanced target ID methods based on cellular thermal shift assays (CETSA) and iso-thermal dose response (ITDR) experiments.
  • Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) for compound disposition studies.
  • Data processing and bioinformatics data interpretation pipelines including statistical analysis.

Applicants will be asked to provide a detailed description of the objectives of their project, and to fulfill specific pre-requisites such as i) confirmed compound cellular or organismal activity below 1 µM; ii) ideally (but not mandatory) preliminary Structure Activity Relationships (SAR) identified; iii) ideally (but not mandatory) having a SAR-informed synthesis of linker derivatives for functional immobilization in place; iv) ideally (but not mandatory) having inactive compound from the same series available, and v) granted access to relevant biological material. All projects pre-requisites for application can be found below.

Call 1 for proposals will be open until July 31, 2019 (20:00 CET). Eligible proposals will be evaluated for technical feasibility, scientific excellence and impact. The successful projects will be allocated upon evaluation to the most appropriate EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE chemoproteomics pipeline according to the strengths of specific methodology and expertise of the facilities, ensuring the requirement of transnationality. Please see below to learn more about our partner sites. Proposals will be handled confidentially. Read more about the proposal submission, eligibility criteria, modality of access and evaluation processes below.