Scannexus and MRI.TOOLS announce collaboration

Scannexus and MRI.TOOLS GmbH are delighted to announce collaboration for the
advancement of body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The joint project
‘MENTORA_4_EU’ has been awarded with funding from the EUROSTARS program, an EU
Horizon 2020 initiative that supports research-performing small and medium enterprises.

Diagnostic procedures for renal, prostatic, hepatological and cardiovascular diseases
(affecting >100 million people in the EU) are slow and inaccurate, leading to regular
misdiagnosis and delayed treatment.
The collaborative project MENTORA_4_EU aims to position high performance body MRI as
the unique standard for torso, abdominal and pelvic imaging by improving its diagnostic
accuracy to unprecedented levels. “MENTORA_4_EU will revolutionize abdominal and
pelvic diagnostics by providing innovative solutions for body MRI that boost image
resolution and reduce scan times” said Thoralf Niendorf, CEO of MRI.TOOLS. “This will
improve the clinical efficacy, accuracy and cost-effectiveness with which abdominal and
pelvic diseases are diagnosed and monitored,” stated Albert Scherpbier, CEO of
Scannexus. With these achievements MENTORA_4_EU is considered to result in reduced
disease burden and reduced healthcare costs at the patient and societal level.

About Scannexus

Scannexus (Maastricht, The Netherlands) is an internationally focused imaging center
with state of the art Ultra High-Field Imaging infrastructure and data analysis. Scannexus
offers a unique combination of services and technologies.
Access to world-leading Ultra High-Field MRI scanners (3T, 7T, 9.4T) is combined with
dedicated customer-focused operational support and the expertise of our clinical and
technical networks.
Scannexus facilitates the development of projects, provides a one-stop-shop for
contractual issues, and brings focus on project delivery.


MRI.TOOLS GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a competent partner that develops and delivers
solutions for clinical, translational and preclinical imaging sciences. MRI.TOOLS’s primary
focus is the development, sale, and maintenance of innovative hardware and novel
technology for MRI.
The product portfolio of MRI.TOOLS encompasses enabling radiofrequency (RF) antenna
tailored for a broad spectrum of specific applications ranging from head to toe with a
focus on high field and ultrahigh field MRI. MRI.TOOLS also offers devices, accessories,
ancillary hardware and tools that make imaging research more productive.
The company is very proud to offer services such as electromagnetic field simulations,
testing and validation of medical devices for clinical research.
The team at MRI.TOOLS derives satisfaction from hearing how its equipment improves
imaging research and clinical work. MRI.TOOLS is very much delighted to support publicprivate
partnerships and public-private research programs.