Berlin-based clinical trials imaging company pharmtrace opens US base

pharmtrace, a German, Berlin based provider of Independent expertise for nuclear medicine, diagnostics, and drug development clinical trials has established a representative office in Philadelphia. pharmtrace is currently enjoying increasing international recognition by both the pharma and biotech sectors as a dependable provider of support for complex clinical trials in nuclear medicine, and as an imaging core lab.




Wolf-Stefan Richter, the founder and CEO, said the reason for establishing the Philadelphia office is three-fold.

  • a strong demand for clinical trials in US centers
  • increasing level of interest by US drug developers in our services,
  • recruit highly skilled US individuals to join our international team in order to provide additional support to both our global customer base and clinical investigators


Dr Richter also said without the support of Berlin-Partner in addition to the support provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development this expansion would not have been so efficient.


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