Dr. Lutz Hilbrich, Chief Executive Officer at ProBioGen (and the subsidiary MiGenTra) and Andrea Hauptmann, Chief Financial Officer at ProBioGen (and the subsidiary MiGenTra)

ProBioGen was founded in Berlin in 1994, and has been part of the Egyptian Minapharm Group since 2010. The biotech company and its subsidiary MiGenTra operate around the globe and have years of experience developing and producing biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. It is currently expanding its production and looking for qualified workers. ProBioGen has out-licensed its technologies to the TOP 15 global pharma companies, among others, and is therefore very well positioned on the international stage.


Dr. Hilbrich, how do you like Berlin personally? And why do you think that it’s a good location for ProBioGen/MiGenTra?


Dr. Hilbrich: “As a family, we’ve gained experience in New York City, San Francisco, Boston and Shanghai over the last 14 years. Now, we live in Berlin and we love it. As a cosmopolitan metropolis, Berlin enables you to keep your finger on the pulse. The straightforward Berlin way of talking, tolerance, multiculturalism, it’s great to be part of all that - we really value that, I really value that. As a Berlin company, we do not only want to build on our success story, we also want to write a new chapter here. We think that this dynamic, diverse environment is the ideal place to do this. Serving our customers from around the world, we’re particularly proud of our Berlin roots. Because as a “true Berlin company”, we’ve contributed to innovative technologies and a socially innovative corporate culture in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years.” 


You’re currently expanding your site in the capital and are also using funding to do this. Ms. Hauptmann, what is your experience in the company, for example with GRW funding (Funding for the improvement of the regional economic structure)? 


Andrea Hauptmann: “Our experience with GRW funding is extremely good. In the history of ProBioGen, there have been three GRW projects, two of which have now been completed. From application through to the final settlement, we received extensive advice and support both from the experts at Berlin Partner GmbH and from the Investitionsbank Berlin. Together, we’ve found solutions to all sorts of issues during the project period and we’ve always been supported in the spirit of partnership.” 


As part of the expansion of the site, you’re also looking for skilled workers. What opportunities for "talent acquisition" do you use in the process and what opportunities for cooperation with ProBioGen do young scientists have, for example those studying for a Master’s or PhD?   


Dr. Hilbrich: “We’re currently advertising our job vacancies on all known social media channels such as LinkedIn, XING and Kununu as well as international job portals such as StepStone and Jobvector. But we’re also active on regional job portals such as jobsinberlin.de or with BerlinPartner. In the future, we’ll also be represented at the Federal Employment Agency and plan to collaborate with training associations. In addition, we work closely with recruitment agencies and are planning to attend trade fairs this year and organize a “Careers Day”. Furthermore, our employee recommendation program should also help us with talent acquisition.” 

Andrea Hauptmann: "Our young professionals have the opportunity to do internships or support our departments as working students, but we also welcome students who are completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Our scientists regularly give highly regarded lecturers at universities to reach the relevant young professionals.” 


Can you give us a brief overview of new developments at ProBioGen and the markets served by the company?   


Dr. Hilbrich: “We intend to write a new chapter, meaning that growth and diversification are on our Rodmap 2030. We achieved a huge milestone in the middle of last year when we founded our subsidiary MiGenTra with the aim of changing healthcare in particular on the African continent. The company is driving product development and marketing in the area of biosimilars, cell and gene therapies (CGT) as well as vaccines initially for Egypt, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), thus enabling access to high-quality medicines at affordable prices. The new company is also headquartered in Berlin on the ProBioGen campus, with access to the Minapharm site in Cairo, where the main production facilities are located.”


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