How 8 Berlin based startups care for Lotte Müller


Lotte Müller is an 85-year-old single woman who lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Berlin. She is now restricted in her mobility and therefore dependent on walking aids. She also suffers from a chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis. Despite a certain need for nursing care, Mrs. Müller still manages to find her way around her apartment on her own.

Lotte Müller is a fictitious example of a life situation that is rapidly increasing in Germany. At the same time, however, so is the number of innovative young companies in the care sector. Startups offer digital solutions for many individual restrictions in the daily lives of people in need of care and therefore establishing themselves as trustworthy partners in maintaining quality of life.

At the first signs of the need for care, Mrs. Müller uses the Digital Services of Töchter & Söhne. She and her daughter use the free online nursing courses at to inform themselves about nursing insurance benefits. At the same time, they book a flexible nurse via Pflegetiger, who performs assisted peritoneal dialysis five times a week for Mrs. Müller and keeps her company. The necessary home peritoneal dialysis is coordinated and organised by NADia.

Thanks to Lindera, the acute risk of Mrs. Müller falling can be significantly reduced by means of a smartphone-based digital gait analysis and preventive measures. In addition, Mrs. Müller's apartment is equipped with intelligent sensors and emergency buttons from Better@Home, which automatically detect irregularities or emergency situations and send a signal to her daughter.

As Lotte Müller suffers a stroke, moving her to an inpatient nursing facility becomes inevitable. However, she can still have her usual drugstore articles supplied by BringLiesel. Sensors from AssistMe support the very stressful urinary incontinence caused by the stroke and inform the nursing staff immediately and location-independently about the need to change the diaper. Fortunately, Mrs. Müller can still move both arms, unlike her room neighbor. However, with her she can observe first hand how the use of a RoboTools robot arm is able to support handing over beverages.

All these companies had their inception in the German capital region. The Cluster Gesundheitswirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg - HealthCapital supports them with regards to promotion opportunities, financing and networking with helpful stakeholders.