FyoniBio® the service branch of Glycotop


With beginning of 2021 Glycotope will offer its Contract Development Organization (CDO) and Clinical Lab services under the brand name FyoniBio®, the service branch of Glycotope.

With 20 years of history in biopharma development FyoniBio® is in a perfect position to bring value to customers in many preclinical areas as well as clinical lab service.

In short, FyoniBio®offerings include:

  • Cell line development in CHO and GEX® cells
  • USP and DSP process development
  • MS based protein and glycan analytics
  • Bioassay development
  • Clinical immunomonitoring

For further information please visit www.fyonibio.com
or send anemail to contact@noSpamfyonibio.com