Evosep and Cellenion enter co-marketing agreement to boost single cell proteomics

Lyon, France, and Odense, Denmark; May 9, 2023: Today at AOHUPO in Singapore, Cellenion is pleased to announce a new co-marketing partnership with Evosep. This partnership will enable researchers to access a complete solution for single-cell proteomics, combining Evosep’s cutting-edge liquid chromatography technology with Cellenion’s advanced single-cell isolation and sample preparation platform.


Single-cell proteomics is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of cellular heterogeneity and function. However, the challenges of isolating and analyzing individual cells have made it a difficult area of research. With this new partnership, Evosep and Cellenion aim to provide researchers with the tools they need to overcome these challenges and advance the field of single-cell proteomics.

Evosep’s innovative technology allows for high-throughput, reproducible and robust separation of peptides, delivering standardized analytical performance. Cellenion’s unique single-cell isolation and dispensing platforms enable researchers to rapidly and reliably isolate and process single cells prior to downstream assays.

Together with sensitive mass spectrometry acquisition, these solutions offer a complete workflow for single-cell proteomics, from cell isolation to data analysis. By combining Evosep’s and Cellenion’s technologies, researchers can now perform comprehensive proteomic analyses of individual cells with higher accuracy, sensitivity and robustness than ever before.

We are excited to partner with Cellenion and provide researchers with a complete solution for single-cell proteomics,” said Dr. Nicolai Bache, Head of Applications of Evosep. “Our combined expertise in single-cell isolation, sample preparation and liquid chromatography will enable researchers to unlock new insights into cellular function and disease, ultimately leading to better diagnostics and therapeutics.”

Cellenion is delighted to partner with Evosep to offer our customers a complete solution for single-cell proteomics,” said Dr. Anjali Seth, Head of single cell proteomics at Cellenion. “Our platforms enable the isolation of single cells with high precision and throughput, and by combining this with Evosep’s liquid chromatography technology, researchers can now perform comprehensive proteomic analysis of individual cells with unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity.”

The partnership between Evosep and Cellenion marks a significant step forward for the field of single-cell proteomics, and both companies look forward to working together to advance this exciting area of research.