Current Topics in Bioinformatics 2024: „Advances in single cell- and spatially resolved technologies“

Join us at this year's "Current Topics in Bioinformatics" symposium, where we'll explore single cell- and spatially resolved technologies.



Date: 17.06.2024, 14:00-19:30

Venue: Max Delbrück Center - Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (MDC-BIMSB); Hannoversche Str. 28, 10115 Berlin

We will examine the following topics and issues, among others:


1. single cell technologies: Advances in the capture and analysis of single cells allow researchers to better understand heterogeneity within cell populations and study individual cell behavior.

2. spatially-resolved technologies: The development of technologies that can capture the spatial distribution of molecules and cells in tissue samples is opening up new insights into complex biological processes and disease mechanisms.

3. integration of data: The integration of single-cell and spatially resolved data enables researchers to gain more comprehensive insights into cell biology and tissue organization and to decipher complex biological phenomena.

4. applications in medicine: Our symposium with a plenty of networking opportunity and talks from e.g. Jan-Philipp Junker (MDC), Henrik Seidel (Bayer AG) and Martin Seifert (10X Genomics) will highlight several aspects of these topics. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn, meet, connect, and collaborate with experts from industry, clinics and academia.

Please find the preliminary agenda here.