COVID-19: Despite the prospect of vaccines, tests are the tool of choice

- Virologists and epidemiologists call for continuous testing to contain the pandemic
- The DiagnostikNet-BB works on many levels of the test chain
- IMDB develops new project family for comprehensive COVID-19 diagnostics

Despite the prospect of vaccine availability in the near future: For virologists and epidemiologists there is no way around consistent testing to effectively contain the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The members of the DiagnostikNet-BB are active in this context, for example with

  • Test offers for members

  • validated sample and reference material

  • Basic components for PCR tests, enzymes primers and antibodies

  • new tests in different formats

The Institute for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalytics (IMDB) bundles and complements these offers as a provider of individual laboratory diagnostic services in the DiagnostikNet-BB. This creates synergies and accelerates innovation and product development.With its newly launched BMBF-funded project family, the IMDB sheds light on all aspects of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 diagnostics:

  • VALIDATE-Dx: assorts samples to form a cohort, which is backed by a complete anamnesis. Results of studies conducted with these samples are summarized and allow a comprehensive view of the disease process from genome to symptom.

  • PEPTIDE-Dx: provides individual epitope patterns of patients from different stages of the disease.

  • COMMUNICATE-Dx: systematically establishes digital contact with health authorities.

  • EPI-Dx: studies genomic variants of patient and virus.

  • TRAVEL-Dx: develops accelerated access to nucleic acid analysis as a PCR replacement for on-site diagnostics.

  • BEAD-Dx: creates the technological basis to correlate antibody data with autoimmune parameters.

  • DIRECT-Dx: investigates new ways to increase the sensitivity of antigen tests.

All projects are equipped with the VALIDATE-Dx cohort to generate valuable data for research and development of individualized test and therapy strategies. These are needed because Covid-19 is also a disease whose cure requires individual treatment methods.You are welcome to visit our joint booth at