Comprehensive cancer medicine: Charité partners with oncology center in Seoul

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center in Seoul have signed a memorandum of understanding. As part of this partnership, the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCC) and the Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC) will collaborate intensively and share their knowledge in cancer care, therapies, and oncological research, with the aim of promoting and enhancing cancer medicine.


The collaboration will also entail joint research activities and the mutual provision of medical personnel for the purposes of training and professional development. Both partners will also work together to actively drive digital transformation in the areas of computerized clinical decision support systems and the development of medical technology, while consulting with each other on management tasks.

Upon signing the memorandum, Prof. Martin E. Kreis, Chief Medical Officer at Charité explained that: “Healthcare is a global issue, and we now have the opportunity to collaborate intensively with another world-leading cancer treatment center. The SCCC is a pioneer of interdisciplinary treatment and houses state-of-the-art medical equipment. Prevention, rehabilitation, and a focus on professional development and research are all equally important to our Korean colleagues. The collaboration will allow us to improve personalized cancer medicine at both institutions for the benefit of patients.”

Prof. Ulrich Keilholz, Director of the CCCC, added: “The Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center is Charité’s integrative tumor center. By collaborating with the similarly organized SCCC, both institutions will be given fresh impetus and their experts will be supported in improving cancer research and care structures. The two centers’ shared interests range from complementary research in preclinical tumor models to digitalized ‘patient-reported outcome measures’ (PROMs). What’s also interesting for us is the integrated Cancer Education Center in Seoul, which gives patients, relatives, and visitors information about the various aspects of cancer and possible treatment methods.”

Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center
The Samsung Comprehensive Cancer Center was founded in Seoul in 2008. As Korea’s first and largest cancer medical center, it aims to provide comprehensive cancer care and support patients from their diagnosis right through to their posttreatment life.