Charité has once more been voted most attractive employer within the German health care sector.

Medical students: Charité most popular as an employer


Where would tomorrow’s physicians prefer to work? According to medical and health care students, the answer is crystal clear: at Charité! That was the finding of the Student Survey 2022 conducted by the international research and consultancy services provider Universum.  For the eighth year in a row, Charité was voted Germany’s most attractive employer for students of the medical and health sciences. According to the survey, crucial criteria include remuneration, professional recognition and work-life balance.

“The pandemic created real challenges for us over the past few semesters, including in the area of teaching and learning, where we were forced to reorganize activities in line with the relevant hygiene and safety measures. Conditions for our students were particularly challenging, with extensive changes affecting various aspects of their training. We are delighted that, despite the uncertainties of the past year, we were able to create a reassuringly safe environment for our young researchers and physicians. In addition to adopting remote learning, facilitating practical training under strict safety rules and offering a comprehensive vaccination program, we also managed to continue providing excellent support across all relevant professional settings,” explains the Dean of Charité, Prof. Dr. Axel R. Pries.

For more than 300 years, Charité has stood for outstanding research, teaching and medical care. Charité plans to continue making history – with the help of its students. After all, any significant contributions and breakthroughs the world will see over the next few years will be made by tomorrow’s physicians and scientists. Prof. Pries adds: “The pandemic has highlighted the importance of health in our lives, and the need to protect it. We are in the process of training the next generation of physicians and researchers. They will be making crucial contributions to our efforts to better prepare for challenges such as this pandemic and cope with any consequences, including those affecting the labor market. Even now, our aim is to utilize our diverse program of teaching and training to prepare our students as best we can.”


What makes an employer interesting?

According to the survey, students will select employers primarily based on salary, breadth of responsibilities and friendly work atmosphere. New recruits also place great importance on whether their work is valued by management and whether they will receive support for professional development within the organization. The students also listed job security and mutual respect among staff as the most important long-term considerations.

Ranking in medicine/health care
In the ranking of Germany’s most attractive employers in the field of medicine/health care, Charité achieved the top spot. It was followed by the Robert Koch Institute in second place and BioNTech in third. Within the top ten there are: the University Hospital of Munich (KUM), Heidelberg University Hospital, the University Hospital Cologne, the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and others.


About the survey

Conducted between September 2021 and March 2022, the Universum Student Survey obtained responses from more than 38,000 students studying across 148 subject areas and 235 German universities. Respondents included 1,700 students from the medical and health sciences.