Charité Global Health – a new center for global health

Charité Global Health was established to improve global health care delivery. Founded by Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and with responsibility over both the coordination and development of Charité’s portfolio of global health projects, the interdisciplinary center will act as an interface with both internal and external visibility. Furthermore, it will focus on collaborations with national as well as international partners from the fields of research, politics and business.


As a scientific discipline, global health comprises issues such as the global spread of infectious diseases, antibiotic-resistant pathogens, and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. Its objective is to improve health, fight disease and ensure a high quality of health care across the globe. Global health also focuses on mental health issues and the health impacts of crises and migration. Charité Global Health addresses these international challenges across the fields of research, teaching and medical care.

Charité’s Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Dr. Karl Max Einhäupl, explains: “Charité Global Health allows us to further develop our international expertise and find solutions to pressing global health problems. In view of Germany’s increasing commitment to global health, this represents a logical next step – for Charité, but also for Berlin as a center of health care and research.”

Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute of Virology and Research Director of Charité Global Health, adds: “Global health issues are interdisciplinary in nature and require the collaboration of many different disciplines from within the fields of research and health care.” He adds: “In an increasingly globalized world, preparedness against epidemics is becoming more and more important. Viruses don’t respect borders.”

The new center will place particular emphasis on fostering close collaborations with stakeholders from Berlin and other national and international partners. Charité Global Health is currently in the process of negotiating collaborations with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Oxford.