Cancer, Cell & Gene Therapies pre-BIO Accelerator and Intro to Philadelphia Ecosystem

May 8 - June 13, 2023


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How do you differentiate yourself from others at BIO International 2023?

How prepared are you to talk to US investors and partners?

The exponential growth of Cell & Gene Therapies (CGT) in the US market provides significant opportunities for Life Sciences companies. This US Market Gateway Accelerator helps companies prepare for their most important meetings and navigate the competitive US healthcare market. From honing IP and fundraising strategies to understanding reimbursement and regulatory, we leverage the vast know-how and networks of experts who provide 1-1 guidance, critical feedback, and introductions to two of the most important Cancer and Cell & Gene therapy ecosystems in the country: Boston and Philadelphia.

The Cancer and Cell & Gene Therapies sector is entering a more strategic phase in the US, making this market both extremely attractive but also challenging. Additional scrutiny of gene therapies is expected as more options become available on the market. The multi-payer system and the frequency with which insurers move between carriers pose a challenge to onetime upfront costs and long-term benefits. We deliver answers to relevant questions and provide a roadmap for US market expansion so that you can have the most impactful conference experience.


This program includes:


3-week online interactive sessions with experts on

  • Legal Aspects: including incorporation, IP protection and IP strategies

  • Healthcare in the US: covering regulatory issues

  • Understanding and creating reimbursement strategies

  • US Operations: R&D credits, site selection and hiring the best

  • Fundraising: US investor expectations, current industry investment landscape in the US and sources of funding

1-1 Mentoring sessions with Industry Leaders (3 mentoring sessions)



2 days of meetings arranged in Philadelphia with introductions to the local ecosystem, major players and hubs for cancer and cell and gene therapy companies. Meetings with Wistar Cancer Institute, companies housed in Biolabs, Penn Labs and B-Labs. Introduction to Life Science PA and other players in the Life Science ecosystem in Pennsylvania.


Key Dates

May 8 - 25: WorldUpstart/Littus 3-week online seminar

June 5 - 8: BIO Boston

June 12 - 13: Philadelphia ecosystem introduction, including, but not limited to Wistar Institute, Bio Pennsylvania, Bio Labs, B-Labs and Penn Labs hubs conference experience


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Submit your application by April 10, 2023. Space is limited.