ABL SA group acquires Berlin based Medtech company Humedics

ABL SA acquires the company Humedics Gmbh to extend the use of a robust, well-known, and CE-marked technology intended to be used for liver function measurement. Financial terms are not disclosed.

Doctor Chalom Sayada, founder of the ABL SA and managing director of the Humedics declared: “We are proud to take over Humedics, and help promoting and expanding such a technology at the international level.”

A new dedicated strategy is planned for supporting the growth of the Berlin-based company in the future and to establish the LiMAx test as the gold standard for liver function measurement worldwide. In cooperation with well-known scientific institutions, the Humedics technology, which was originally developed for use in liver surgery, is to be expanded to the entire hepatological area, thereby avoiding invasive medical interventions in the future. Finally, remarked Dr. Chalom Sayada: “We are convinced that by acquiring the technology and the know-how of the employees, we will create added value for the benefit of patients.”

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