INNOLABS Support for Innovative Health Projects

The diversity of Europe’s health systems is often cited as a disadvantage when it comes to replicating success stories. What works in Germany might not transfer easily to Norway and vice versa. However, this variety can also be perceived as a strength. The INNOLABS project is founded on the idea of “Europe as an ideal laboratory” – where diversity gives us a unique opportunity to determine success factors; to see what works in different contexts. With INNOLABS you can test your project idea in the European market. The INNOLABS consortium supports you with a wide range of knowledge in the field of ICT, Medtech, and Biotech Industries. It covers the entire value chain in all the key competences of the project. The consortium is composed of eight partners, where Norway Health Tech is the coordinator and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology (Germany), Campania BioScience (Italy), Cap Digital (France), Cluster de Salud de Castilla y Leon (Spain), Eurob Creative (Spain), Health ClusterNET (UK), and Interizon Foundation (Poland) are consortium members.

You can win € 50,000 and much more

The project INNOLABS supports new value chains in healthcare by accelerating development and market adaption of new disruptive products and services. INNOLABS’ main deliverable is personalized healthcare by leveraging cross sectorial collaboration potential among Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Medical Device, and Biotechnology sectors.

More than 100 SMEs will be directly supported through micro grants and prize money that will be given out through two open calls, two large contest idea events, and three hackathons.

Idea Contest Events and Hackathons

Within the scope of the “INNOLABS”-project, two Contest Idea Events and three Hackathons take place. The three best innovative ideas of each event receive cash prizes worth up to € 36,000. As a consortium partner, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology organized a Hackathon, which was aimed primarily at Berlin-Brandenburg actors. Among the winner's pitches was a Berlin-based company. At the INNOLABS Ideas Contest in Paris, another company from the HealthCapital region won.

Open Calls

Within the two INNOLABS Open Calls up to 100 projects are supported in a non-residential acceleration program where each team will obtain support worth up to€ 50,000. INNOLABS is seeking innovative projects in personalized healthcare from SMEs belonging to the Health or Biomedicine sector, to collaborate with the IT sector for developing cross-sectoral health solutions, that will bring society closer to the next generation healthcare system.

In the second and last Open Call, four Berlin-based companies and one Brandenburg-based company were successful. They are now supported in an accelerator program and receive services and direct funding up to € 50,000 each.

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