Imaging Network Berlin

Molecular imaging is considered by physicians, researchers, and industry representatives to be an important field within modern medicine and one which has significant direct implications for core medical areas such as cardiovascular medicine, oncology, neurology, and gastro-intestinal diseases. It facilitates ongoing progress in the imaging and quantifying of molecular changes associated with the development of disease, even before these induce initial anatomical-morphological changes.

Berlin is well-positioned in Germany to assume the leading role in molecular imaging, an area that will be increasingly important in the future. With the quality of equipment as well as the scientific excellence available, the INB forms a significant part of the molecular imaging value-creation chain.

An important goal for the INB therefore is to close potential gaps in the value-creation process and, where necessary, to integrate other partners so that it can optimally position itself within this strong-growth market of the future.

The INB is designed to be an open network in which new partners are welcome. If you are interested, please contact