Rehabilitation measures are an important part of the healthcare chain: The aim is to restore the ability to work after illness, to promote the preservation of gainful employment, and to prevent possible disability and possible need for care.

With more than 70 outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation centers, the Berlin-Brandenburg region has an innovative and modern rehabilitation landscape. By far the largest number of inpatient rehabilitation facilities are located in Brandenburg, some in health resorts and spas. At slightly more than 90 percent, their utilization is well above the national average. Outpatient rehabilitation facilities can primarily be found in Berlin.

Rehabilitation Sciences 

From a scientific point of view, the subject of rehabilitation is well represented in the Berlin-Brandenburg region: The integrated department of rehabilitation research at the Institute for Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Sciences of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin works closely with stakeholders involved in the rehabilitation process, including service providers, clinics, and professional associations. 

At the University of Potsdam a professorship of Rehabilitation Sciences that deals with scientific issues of medical rehabilitation has been initiated by founding clinics. The aim is to increase the relative importance of medical rehabilitation in the perception of service providers and recipients. The implementation of medical rehabilitation into sustainable care models is being developed in cooperation with participating service providers (founding clinics) and funding agencies (pension insurance/health insurance companies).