Health-related Tourism


Health-related tourism includes those parts of healthcare and tourism that contribute to the maintanance and recovery of health as well as to the holistic health and wellbeing of patients and guests.


Medical Tourism focusses on patients that elect to travel across international boarders to receive some form of medical treatment.

Health and WellnessTourism focusses on products and services for health and wellness related activities of tourists like health related hiking or lake vacations during which guests learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

The tourism marketing organisations of Berlin and Brandenburg, work on the further development of health related tourism in the region.


Medical Tourism in and around Berlin


The German capital is a top destitantion for prevention, diagnostics and therapy. Its unique concentration of science and research as well as clinics and healthcare companies make it one of the world’s leading locations in life sciences and health care. More and more patients from all over the world choose Berlin as destination for mediclal treatment. Many Berlin clinics have employed staff with intercultural competence that speaks foreign languages like English, Russian or Arabian. Comfort wards at the clinics are designed to meet the needs of patients wishing to be treated in a hotel-like atmosphere.  

The website Berlin Health Excellence provides detailed information about treatment possibilities in and around Berlin. The information at the website is available in English, German, Russian, Polish, Arabian and Chinese.


Health and Wellness Tourism in Berlin-Brandenburg


Many people want to do something for their health during holidays. About 30 rehabilitation clinics, more than twenty specialized hospitals and 16 accredited health resorts are situated in Berlin-Brandenburg.This makes the region an ideal destination for tourists wishing to do something for their health during holidays as well as for patients needing rehabilitation. Clinics and service providers in the region offer health and wellness services for primary prevention (for instance healthy diet, stress relaxation and exercise), secondary prevention (for instance health checks) and tertiary prevention (for instance in the context of rehabilitation measures)

The wonderful landscapes with forests and lakes, bycicle paths and hiking tracks as well as a competent hotel industry providing health and wellness services offer many possibilities to slow down.

Detailed information on the development of health an wellness tourism in Brandenburg (German only)

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