Health Tourism in Berlin-Brandenburg

Many people also want to do something active for their health while traveling. This can be, for example, a health walk through nature or a relaxing holiday on the lake, where you can learn stress management techniques.  In order to meet the increasing demand for health-oriented activities on vacation, a growing tourism segment has formed for this target group – health tourism.

The Berlin-Brandenburg region is a sought-after destination for health tourists with eight recognized health resorts and therapeutic baths, 18 thermal springs and adventure pools, 30 rehabilitation clinics, and more than twenty specialist clinics. The outstanding forest and lake landscape, well-developed cycling and hiking trails, as well as capable spa hotel industry also offer a variety of opportunities to slow down and relax. The product segments in the Berlin-Brandenburg region range from primary prevention (such as healthy nutrition, relaxation, and exercise) to secondary prevention (e.g. health checks), all the way to tertiary prevention (e.g. in the context of rehabilitation measures).

An Industry with Growth Potential 

The targeted integration of healthcare industry and tourism stakeholders, as well as the creation of holistic care structures, will enable the entire Berlin-Brandenburg region to benefit economically from health tourism. The size of the potential for what’s known as the self-payer market and in the areas in which health tourism offers special opportunities were examined by the consulting firm PROJECT M in cooperation with KECK medical for Brandenburg and Berlin. All study results can be found in the „Potenzialstudie zum Gesundheitstourismus in Brandenburg und Berlin“ (only in German).