The German Digital Health Care Act – A new path to reimbursement for digital solutions in Europe’s largest healthcare market and how to make the most of it.

Time: 11am-12pm (US Eastern Time) / 5-6pm (CET)

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In recent months, there has been plenty of buzz generated around the Digitale Versorgung Gesetz (DVG), a new law promising a fast track to reimbursement of digital solutions within the German Statutory Healthcare System (SHI) -- and that buzz is for good reason. This system provides coverage for 90 percent of the German population. The law itself aims to create a catalogue of digital health solutions to be covered by the statutory system and prescribed by physicians. In order to get listed in this catalogue, solution providers have to prove, with comparative studies, that they address a significant challenge in the system, and that they actually deliver what they promise. If these companies don't have the evidence needed to substantiate their claim upon application, they have the opportunity to develop scientific evidence within 12 months and have their solution reimbursed in the process. If the evidence confirms the benefit, the solution stays in the catalogue; if it doesn't, the solution is removed from the catalogue and can no longer be prescribed.  

It's a tricky balance to strike; promise too little and your solution is deemed irrelevant or classified at a low price point in negotiations with German payers. Promise too much, however, and you might not be able to provide the evidence to substantiate your claims. 

In this web seminar, seasoned experts from IGES will provide us with a deep dive into the opportunities, specific challenges and most promising approaches for digital health solutions seeking access to Europe’s largest healthcare market. 


  1. Berlin’s Digital Health Ecosystem & Germany’s Healthcare System in a Nutshell (Berlin Partner, 20’)  
  2. The German Digital Health Care Act – Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Healthcare Providers (IGES expert, 20’) 
  3. Q&A (Berlin Partner/IGES expert, 20’)  

Topics to be covered:  

  • What is the overall regulatory framework of this new path to market? 
  • Which digital healthcare products can be reimbursed in Germany under the new law? 
  • What do companies have to consider when submitting an application and which aspects are particularly relevant for companies not located in Germany?  
  • What are critical deadlines/milestones? 
  • Are there any key to success to be derived from innovations authorized so far? 


Registered participants will receive a calendar invite including the link to the web seminar on Monday, May 18th.


About IGES: 

The IGES Institute is an independent German research institute based in Berlin. It is owned by the researchers, since 1980 more than 2000 research projects have been implemented in the field of health care. As a spin-off of the Technical University of Berlin the IGES Institute carries out contract research for all stakeholders in the health care system, such as governmental and public institutions, health care providers and private innovators. The digitalization of the health care system is a particular focus of research. IGES has realized several major projects in this area, including studies commissioned by German public health insurance companies. We have also worked for several start-ups and innovators in the digital health sphere, mostly covering questions of reimbursement.  


About Berlin Partner:

Business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin – this is the Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH mission. With customized services and an excellent science and research network, our many experts provide an outstanding range of programs to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin. A unique public-private partnership, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology collaborates with the Berlin State Senate and over 280 companies dedicated to promoting their city. Berlin Partner is also responsible for marketing the German capital to the world, for example with the successful “be Berlin” campaign.