Startup Academy: Leadership & Team Management

10:00 till 14:00
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Why Your Team Should Be Smarter Than Yourself.


What if your team does not feel like one? Help them to improve! There are numerous things that can go wrong when putting together a team - especially in startups, where processes and team relations are still forming. In order to lead your startup company to success, you need to stay on top of things and think ahead.

In this workshop you will gain essential knowledge on collaboration and team dynamics. You will learn to define roles (Belbin) and team-up employees by integrating diverse personalities and team members. Our expert will draw your attention to common mistakes as well as communication errors and show you how to optimize processes.

We will discuss the role of leadership in a start-up team and how to run productive team meetings for founding members as well as for external business partners. Register now!


No-Show Fee:

Registrants who do not attend the Online Seminar will be considered ‘no shows’ and will be charged a no-show fee of 35 Euro. This is to ensure that all places are filled and that participants on the waiting list get a chance take your place.