Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis 2018

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Fraunhofer-Konferenzzentrum Potsdam-Golm

Am Mühlenberg 12

14476 Potsdam


Frequently, the “Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis” provide an excellent platform for researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs to discuss diagnostics’ hot topics, trends and recent developments as well as new areas of application and future markets.

From biomarker to detection devices to the final product: What challenges exist in the development of IVD along the value chain?

The path from the discovery of the first biomarker to the final diagnostic device is long and includes many pitfalls that can end a project prematurely. The first part of the Potsdam Days is dedicated to this topic and shows how cooperation beyond the narrow limits of one's own thematic field can lead to new developments.

Quo vadis IVD?

With regard to new regulations and business models - especially in the use and processing of large volumes of data - the question arises as to where the future challenges in diagnostics lie. Will the value creation in ten years still be in the sales of the diagnostic systems, or will a profit only be possible with the processing of the related data? These questions will be discussed on the afternoon of November 1st.

Infection Diseases: New challenges and innovative solutions

The development of vaccinations and antibiotics has steadily reduced attention to the risk of infectious diseases. However, due to vaccination fatigue and increasingly resistant pathogens as well as worldwide passenger and goods traffic, the danger of new epidemics rises again and infectious diseases get back in the focus of attention.

On the second day of the Potsdam Days, the challenges of infection diagnostics are addressed and new developments in the field of detection devices will be presented.


Organized by the Cluster Health Capital in cooperation with Fraunhofer IZI-BB, and FluType, the Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis 2018 will again attract national and international specialists.