Meet&Apply Workshop "French-German Call for Projects on Antimicrobial Resistance 2020"

Ludwig Erhard Haus
09:30 till 14:00
Ludwig Erhard Haus

Fasanenstraße 85

10623 Berlin


The aim of the workshop is to bring together interested parties to identify starting points for a bilateral consortium to develop strategies to combat AMR. The focus is on AMR in environmental reservoirs (water, soil, wild animals, plants, biofilms on plastic waste, etc.) and innovative research on antibiotic-resistant bacteria colonizing humans, farm animals, pets and/or food.

The current announcement of 21 December 2019 can be found on the ANR website: Link.
The joint English-language announcement can be viewed under this Link.

The event will be held in English as a face-to-face event in Berlin and as a webinar, thus enabling a direct exchange with interested parties from Germany and France.



9:30 am Registration for the webinar

10:00 am Welcome by the organizer

10:10 am Presentation of the topic " 2. French-German Call for Projects on Antimicrobial Resistance 2020" Dr. Christiane Juhls, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

10:45 am Extended introduction round and possibility to present concrete project ideas / approaches

12:00 am break

12:30 pm Discussion/networking

13:00 pm Possibility for exchange in small groups or 1:1 discussions

14:00 pm End



The deadline for submission of project outlines is 28 February 2020.

It will be a small workshop with a limited number of participants, focusing on the discussion of the implementation of one or more concepts. 

The participation in the workshop is free of charge. Registration until 17.01.2020: I would like to register for the workshop "German-French Joint Projects on AMR" on 31.01.2020. (please use this link - an e-mail for registration will be generated automatically).

If you have any questions or requests regarding the further organization of the workshop, please contact:

Anna-Katharina Stumpf
Tel +49 30 46302-251