Liquid Biopsy and beyond - less invasion, more precision

12:00 till 20:00 o'clock
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Inspiring presentations, vibrant round tables and attractive networking opportunities!


Liquid profiling is increasingly used for molecular profiling when tissue is not available, for disease monitoring and detection of recurrences at an early stage.

This event will shed light on the use of Liquid Biopsy from clinical application to regulatroy requirements and highlight new developments in innovative companies. Furthermore, we'll take a look abroad to understand how large collaborations can contribute to standardization and quality improvements in Liquid Biopsy platforms.

Topics addressed

  • Liquid biopsies arrive in the clinics
  • The value of diagnostic information
  • The new IVDR / MDR Regulation impact on liquid biopsies
  • US and European Networks on liquid biopsy
  • New biomarkers
  • Artificial intelligence in diagnostics

Why participate

  • Stay informed about new techniques and biomarkers
  • Find new cooperation opportunities
  • Enlarge your network and get insights into regulation and reimbursement

How can you benefit from this event

  • Present your current research or product development
  • Initiate and arrange 1:1 meetings
  • Join one of the round tables to discuss with your peers

Additional Information

  • event will take place virtually
  • participation is free of charge

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