12:00 till 19:00 o'clock
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Luisenstr. 58/59

10117 Berlin


In 2005, ECRIN launched International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) to commemorate the day when James Lind started his famous clinical trial on scurvy in 1747, May 20th, and laid the foundation for modern clinical research. Celebrated every year on or around May 20th, ICTD is an opportunity for research organisations, clinical research professionals, and the public to acknowledge the achievements that result from clinical research and to discuss various trial topics.

ECRIN’s annual celebration of ICTD brings together European and international stakeholders. Given its success, the conference has been replicated by some of ECRIN’s member/observer countries, who have now introduced their own national/international ICTD celebrations.


The draft agenda is as follows:

  • Delay and premature termination in publicly-funded clinical trials due to insufficient recruitment (R. Girgenrath, Bonn)
  • Recruitment in clinical trials: current status and methodological aspects (M. Briel, Basel)
  • Recruitment in academic clinical trials: European perspective (J. Demotes, Paris)
  • Improvement of recruitment by involvement of patient organisations in planning of clinical trials (Th. Bereczky, Berlin)
  • Clinical trial feasibility and patient recruitment: industry perspective (K.-G. Beinhauer, Leverkusen)
  • Best practice: Achieving sufficient recruitment in an academic study center (R. Wachter, Leipzig)
  • Best practice: Difficulties of recruitment in early disease stages – experience from the MACUSTAR study (J. Terheyden, Bonn)
  • Support of recruitment by medical informatics (U. Prokosch, Erlangen)


How to Participate

Participation is always free and on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is mandatory (registration link to be updated here as possible).

More information: International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) | ECRIN